The horse told me…

The hands-free phone rang in the land cruiser as David entered the outskirts of the city.
“David? It’s Jen. What in the lord’s name happened at Hannafords? Rex called me. He doesn’t seem to know if you’re a fraud or a holy man. Did you really not examine her?”
David blew out a sigh. Here we go.
“She was in shock Jen. Something must have got into the stable. Got her into a panic. When I got there she was just getting over it. No physical damage. Mother and baby both O.K.”
He cringed at the short silent pause.
“How can you possibly know that without examining her?”
A simple and logical question, demanding a simple and logical answer.
If only he could give her one.
Another sigh. No matter how crazy, he had nothing else to tell her.
She told me, Jen.”
“Who told you? Mrs. Hannaford?”
“The -horse told you?” Jennifer asked slowly and carefully.
Silence again, though David knew she hadn’t hung up the phone. The quiet stretched out for half a minute or more.
“Drive safe David” said Jennifer softly.

He drove on, under a maddening sky impossible to ignore, thinking of what George, with his cheeky smile had said the day before.
When rain turns to raspberry.
Evader’s deep brown eye looking up at him.

The sky. It brings bad.

(from the novel “Last Goddess”-available on Amazon)



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